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About Me

My name is Nicholas Oh and I am a web developer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I started writing code back when I was 10 years old. When I started nitrous.dev, I wanted quality and fast websites to be affordable for everyone. Through the use of latest technologies such as Bootstrap 5 and LiteSpeed, my aim is for everyone to have their own high quality digital identities in the ever growing ecosystem we all know as the Internet.

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The Process


The process starts when you contact us to describe your demands or specific requirements. Then, we will request your website's details (such as your logo, product pictures, descriptions).


After we understand your demands and requirements, we will provide you several layout options in which you can choose from. This phase will be finished when you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Your Website, Live

The development process will begin once we receive the 50% down payment. Development will take around 7 working days to complete. The website will be available on the day* of full payment.

note — active on same day if payment is made before 22:00 GMT+7

What you say

The entire experience with nitrous.dev has been extremely pleasant. Not only did my website look how I wanted it, but the process was also convenient. I am also impressed by the speed and responsiveness of the website.

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Your website. Secure.

All of our websites utilize Let's Encrypt to ensure that your website is safe and trusted by your valuable customers. By using Let's Encrypt, our websites are also platforms for the advancement of industry-standard encryption practices. Order your website with us and join the growing list of 225 million websites already using the bleeding edge encryption technology of Let's Encrypt.

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Your website. Nitrous fast.

Thanks to LiteSpeed Enterprise, your next website can load faster than your competitors. The faster your website loads, the faster your valuable customers can learn more about you. Not to mention, although statistics have shown that users' attention spans have been decreasing, you can still rest easy knowing that your website will finish loading before they blink their eye.


LiteSpeed w/ Cache


Apache w/ Cache

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Your website. 2N reliable.

DCI Indonesia's datacenters have the some of the most aggressive Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies in the industry at 99.999% uptime guarantee. They were able to achieve this through their 2N redundancy which means that there is a pair of identical hardware powering their all of their services. As for you and your valuable customers, it means that your website will never be offline for over 6 minutes in a year.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a website?

Nowadays, everyone needs a website! Statistics show that over 4.6 billion people have used the internet. For context, thats over half of the population on earth! By having a website to serve as your digital identity, you are enabling prospective customers to learn more about you easily. Not only does this help overall reach, but it can also help your business look more legitimate and trustworthy for your customers.

Why nitrous.dev?

In an industry where large companies are competing against each other to sell more and more websites, we believe that being a personalised developer like us can allow us to provide customers with a specific and unique solution. Not to mention, our websites use local datacenters which dramatically improves the performance for the customers that matter — customers near you.

What happens if I do not like the proposed design / prototype?

When you receive the prototype from us, you will be able to request any changes to the prototype. We believe that the best solution is always the solution which provides you with the maximum satisfaction. That is why we offer unlimited solutions and do not start development until the prototype provided has been fully agreed upon by the you.

How long does the process take?

The entire process depends on how long it takes for you to be satisfied with the proposed prototype. As soon as a satisfactory prototype design has been accepted, it will take approximately 7 business days to complete the development phase. Although that may seem like a long time, we believe that the product quality should always be the utmost of priorities. That's why we want to take the time to ensure you're satisfied.